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Christmas in Autumn

‘Tis the time for giving thanks to Christmas.

There is a myriad of reasons to have a celebration of Christmas that extends earlier into November.

I will however, take the high road and avoid pointing out the one about how the opposition would like to take the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and shove it to the last month of the year.

Because how dare he try to rob Americans of the opportunity to glutton themselves on fattening, chemically enhanced food (Thanksgiving)? How selfish.

Instead, let’s take into consideration that by limiting ourselves to celebrate Christmas exclusively in December, we deprive students of the opportunity to capture the spirit of the holiday.

Students are far too busy with final exams and projects to observe classic traditions such as sitting down with the family and watching “It’s a Wonderful Life,” or baking cookies.

That is why we extend the celebration of Christmas to November; it gives us the chance to get into the holiday spirit. Thanksgiving is a one day thing; it does not require its own season as does Christmas.

Imagine how empty Christmas would be if we were too busy to even just remark on the creepiness of Santa Clause. “He sees you when you’re sleeping,” “He knows when you’re awake,” we’re singing this to our children? Really? What would we do without those critical conversations that truly make up that Christmas joy?

Also, consider for students the fact that the Christmas season provides opportunity for employment. In 2015 there was roughly an additional 750,000 people added to the workforce, many people rely on the extended celebration of Christmas for job opportunities.

Christmas also invokes a feeling of nostalgia and calmness, and can be for many a second wind of sorts, that gives the necessary push for students to finish their semester strong.

In short, confining the celebration to December would do more harm than good. If the worse that happens from letting Christmas extend into November is an extra month of listening to “Jingle Bells,” then be happy that we received it at such a bargain.

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Christmas in Autumn