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Telescope Talks: Colorism in the Latinx Community

Telescope Talks: Colorism in the Latinx Community

Monica Garcia and Kaylin Garcia May 21, 2024

Latinx stories range far past black and white. The Telescope staff invited Umoja president, Janelle Harvey for a conversation on the colorism experiences within the Latinx community. This episode...

Comets Closet in room FD-4. Photo credit: Rachel Hyman

The Fashion Department is leaving, but Comet’s Closet will stay.

Rachel Hyman May 21, 2024

SAN MARCOS - The fashion program is on the way out, but they plan to leave their legacy behind. After an administrative decision, Palomar's Fashion Department is moving to the Rancho Bernardo campus....

Telescope Talks: PTKs Hopes for a Palomar Honors Program

Telescope Talks: PTK’s Hopes for a Palomar Honors Program

Johnny Keeling May 21, 2024

Staff writer Johnny Keeling sits down with PTK representatives Kengo Hotta and Bre Chacon to discuss their ongoing plans to start an honors program at Palomar. For more information on the honors program...

Photo credit: IMDb

“Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” Mostly Sticks the Landing

Calvin Anderson May 11, 2024
"Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes" is a fine addition to the new Planet of the Apes continuity. While there were some aspects of the film that left more to be desired, this film is a worthy successor to the Caesar trilogy.
Photo credit: IMDb

Palomar Kicks Off Pride Week With Everything Everywhere All At Once Screening

Calvin Anderson May 11, 2024
Get an inside look at the screening for Everything Everywhere All At Once, the Q&A that took place after with actress Tallie Medel, and what this event means to the Palomar community.
Multiple pride flags decorated the booths at the Student Union. Photo credit: Monica Garcia

Highlights of Palomar’s Queer Community in Action Festival

Monica Garcia May 9, 2024
All eyes were locked on Palomar’s Student Union as students enjoyed free gifts, food, drag performances and speeches amongst other festivities at the Queer Community in Action Festival.
JimiJame$ & Wow Jones: Parishs Composing Power Couple

JimiJame$ & Wow Jones: “Parish’s” Composing Power Couple

Kaylin Garcia May 6, 2024
Music Producing couple articulates the life of music in AMC's new series "Parish".
The Palomar College Pride Center events for pride week. Photo courtesy of Lisette Lasater. Photo credit: Lisette Lasater

Out and proud

Taylor Leonard May 4, 2024
The Palomar College Pride Center is having it's second annual Queer Prom on May 9.
Image released by Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures shows from left, Mike Faist, Zendaya and Josh OConnor in a scene from Challengers. (Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures via AP)

“Challengers” dares you to join the game.

Monica Garcia May 3, 2024
Luca Guadagnino, not yet short of a film centered on desire, teases audiences to the edge of the court with his new exhilaratingly sensual tennis film, “Challengers”.
Lily Eichner as Jane Gordon, Marc Joyce as Nugget Gordon, and Rueben Renteria Jr. as Rick Gordon. (Courtesy of Palomar Performing Arts)

“Heddatron” turns laundry day into a theatrical journey

Cynthia Cunningham May 2, 2024
"Heddatron" arrives at Palomar College, and so has its never-ending laundry.
Ceramic artist Thomas Kihneman and his piece, Many Worlds, Many Lives. Photo credit: Yanna Baradin

Many Worlds, Many Lives:

Yanna Baradin May 1, 2024
A vision of life through an artist's perspective.
Models wearing pieces expected to be shown at the MODA Fashion Show. (Photo courtesy of Sydney McMullan)

The MODA Fashion Show will keep attendees in the loop

Cynthia Cunningham April 30, 2024
New looks, new music, and a new stage... This year's fashion team wanted to challenge their creativity.
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