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The Telescope Newspaper Staff — Spring 2024

Cyndi Cunningham gazes at the viewer, wearing a black hoodie with pink linings.
Cyndi Cunningham Courtesy Photo

Cyndi Cunningham is a journalism major at Palomar, focusing on community and culture. She plans to transfer to Cal State San Marcos next year to pursue her degree in media studies. In her free time, Cyndi can often be found watching anime, gaming, or spending time with her husband and cats.

Alex Ortega/Co-News Editor/Photo Editor

Alex Ortega Courtesy Photo

Alex Ortega is in his second year at Palomar studying as a journalism major who will transfer to SFSU in the Fall 2024 on his way to becoming a correspondent. He likes to spend his spare time surfing, practicing photography, going to concerts, and traveling.


Yanna Baradin/Co-News Editor


Blonde woman smiles and looks directly at the camera. She is outside in front of grass and trees. She wears a blue sweatshirt.
Yanna Baradin Courtesy Photo

Yanna Baradin is a Communication Major at Palomar College. She is set to graduate this May and hopes to transfer to a four-year university afterwards. This is her second term as a staff member with the Telescope. Her hobbies include outdoor activities, such as boating, swimming, and riding ATVs. But she also loves a great movie or a good book. She also has a broad range of interests, including news, science, technology and art, and she has a passion for traveling to new places.

Rachel Hyman/Social Media Editor


A young woman with curly dark blonde hair is staring beyond the camera and not smiling.
Rachel Hyman Courtesy Photo

Rachel Hyman is a journalism major in her second year at Palomar. Aside from school, she serves at a restaurant. She enjoys her free time reading, writing, cooking, and doing anything outdoors. She plans to transfer to a Cal State school this fall to pursue her journalism career. One day, she hopes to travel the world covering events.

Josh Miranda/Sports Editor

Josh Miranda Courtesy Photo

Josh Miranda is a film/TV/media major and is in his second year at Palomar. His interests are in writing and photography and intends on transferring to a four-year school. In his spare time, he jams with his friends and takes street photography.

Sofia Alvarez/Arts Editor

A brunette wears a black and white hat with a cartoon face and ears above her head and long black and white stuffed arms hanging down her face to her green shirt.
Sofia Alvarez Courtesy Photo

Sofia Alvarez is a freshman at Palomar majoring in journalism. She hopes to transfer to either SFSU or SDSU to further pursue her passion where she hopes to later write for big names. In her free time, she likes to spend time outside whether it’s going to the beach or snowboarding, baking, and spending time with people she loves and making good memories. 

Victoria Gudmundson/Opinion Editor

Victoria Gudmundson Courtesy Photo

Victoria Gudmundson is a journalism major and ceramics student at Palomar College as a lifetime learner. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English literature at Chapman University and decided to return to school for a different writing experience before pursuing her master’s in creative writing. In her free time, she enjoys all forms of art, reading science fiction, and playing with her dogs.

Monica Garcia/Copy Editor

A brunette with large tortoise shell glasses cants her head and smiles. Behind her is a stack of books.
Monica Garcia Courtesy Photo

Monica Garcia is a returning student at Palomar college with an Associates degree in Film/TV and Electronic media now pursuing a Journalism degree for transfer. In her free time from school and work, Monica enjoys anything from diving into a good fiction novel, working out, and learning history and science, to consuming new movies, TV shows, and the latest updates in pop culture.

Calvin Anderson/Staff Writer

A man in a white shirt and black pants kneels in front of a glass aquarium with his hand outstretched like he is petting the large fis in the background.
Calvin Anderson Courtesy Photo

Calvin Anderson is a Junior at Palomar College majoring in Journalism. He hopes to transfer to Cal Poly Slo next fall and get a job in public relations. In his spare time, he likes to swim, surf, watch movies and enjoy life.


Selina Barrera/Staff Writer

Photo of a brunette wearing a white shirt and looking past the camera.
Selina Barrera Courtesy Photo

Selina Barrera is in her first year at Palomar College majoring in Journalism. She hopes to transfer to a four-year university after graduating. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and listening to music.

Lisa Burke/Staff Writer

Lisa Burke sits outdoors at night with her left hand resting on her chin and her right hand around an ice-cream cone.
Photo courtesy of Lisa Burke.

Lisa Burke is a returning student with the goal of transferring to a four year university. Her interests include journalism, linguistics, and for fun she consumes news and comedy shows about news. 

William Dunlap/Staff Writer

A man in a black cap and black jacket with full collar stares at the camera. He is outside and the trunk of a palm tree is behind him.
William Dunlap Courtesy Photo

William Dunlap is a freshman majoring in journalism at Palomar college,William is working towards a career as a travel writer and is currently working on his first book.william enjoys science and philosophy as well as technology art and history has traveled extensively and seeks to study abroad.

Kaylin Garcia/Staff Writer

A brunette with curly hair over one should poses outside in a white dress. She is smiling.
Kaylin Garcia Courtesy Photo

Kaylin Garcia is a sophomore at Palomar pursuing Journalism Advertising. She hopes to transfer to SDSU, CSUF, or CSULB and become a sports journalist. In her spare time. she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and trying new food places. 

Quinton Hayek/Staff Writer

A man with curly brown hair looks down at the camera. He is standing in front of the Washington Monument.
Quinton Hayek Courtesy Photo

Quinton Hayek is a Freshman at Palomar studying journalism. He enjoys studying variations of existential philosophy, politics, law, and religion. Understanding what people believe and why they believe it is of great personal interest to him. Representing the importance of understanding one another is a priority of his that he believes can best be done through sharing others stories and opinions.


Johnny Keeling/Staff Writer

A man with blonde, curly hair is making a face and in partial shadow. He wears a black shirt.
Johnny Keeling Courtesy Photo

Johnny Keeling is a freshman at Palomar. He hopes to transfer to Cal State Monterey Bay to study humanities and journalism. In his spare time, he likes to play guitar and go outside. 

Connor Larson/Staff Writer


A man stands in front of a white wall. He smiles and wears a black collar shirt. He is wearing an Angels baseball hat.
Connor Larson Courtesy Photo

Connor Larson is a freshman student at Palomar studying journalism. His goal is to transfer to a 4-year university to finish his journalism degree and pursue a sports broadcasting career. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family.



Taylor Leonard/Staff Writer

A brunette in an orange flower print dress stands in front of a lake.
Taylor Leonard Courtesy Photo

Taylor Leonard is on her third year at Palomar College with hopes of becoming a sports writer for the San Diego Padres. During her free time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends along with watching baseball. 

Nicolas Parrott/Staff Writer

Red haired male stands in the snow outside. He wears a green sweater and jeans. He is smiling.
Nicolas Parrott Courtesy Photo

Nicolas Parrott is a sophomore at Palomar studying journalism. He hopes to transfer to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the fall and become a music critic. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, going to concerts, hiking, spending time in nature, and traveling.

Ale Zbinden/Staff Writer

A brunette woman with curly hair smiles at the camera. The sunlight hits the one side of her face.
Ale Zbinden Courtesy Photo

Ale Zbinden is in her first year at Palomar College studying multimedia journalism. She has a deep passion for exploring new subjects and sharing inspirational stories. She is very excited to look forward to pursuing her dream of becoming an effective voice for companies.


Jose Coria/Staff Photographer

Headshot of young brown haired man with black frame glasses.
Jose Coria Courtesy Photo

Kate Denny/Staff Photographer

Brunette woman smiling and wearing a white t-shirt.
Kate Denny Courtesy Photo

Hector Flores/Staff Photographer

Headshot of a man with a blue baseball cap and glasses wearing a grey hoodie.
Hector Flores Courtesy Photo

Jose Flores/Staff Photographer

Headshot of a man with black hair and glasses wearing a white hoodie.
Jose Flores Courtesy Photo

Terry Hamilton/Staff Photographer

Headshot of a man with gray hair and glasses. He has a mustache and a blue shirt.
Terry Hamilton Courtesy Photo

Tomas Hollis/Staff Photographer

Head shot of a brown-haired male where a black shirt and down jacket.
Tomas Hollis Courtesy Photo

Nick McCutcheon/Staff Photographer

Headshot of a male with a backward cap and stripped shirt.
Nick McCutcheon Courtesy Photo

Danny Nunez/Staff Photographer

Head shot of a male with a striped hat and green shirt. He is smiling.
Danny Nunez Courtesy Photo

Hailey Pickett/Staff Photographer

Headshot of a female with long brown hair and a black shirt.
Hailey Pickett Courtesy Photo


Charles Rambo/Staff Photographer

Headshot of a male with a stripped cap and black shirt. He has a beard.
Charles Rambo Courtesy Photo

Maddie Saye /Staff Photographer

Head shot of female with brown hair and a black shirt on.
Maddie Saye Courtesy Photo
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