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Nickelodeon legend retires after 20 years

Danny Phantom and Timmy Turner are retiring from Nickelodeon.

Well, not exactly the fictional characters, but the cartoonist/creator, Butch Hartman, has left Nickelodeon after 20 years with the company. Hartman’s most memorable creations are “The Fairly Odd Parents” and “Danny Phantom.” “Fairly Odd Parents” ran for a total of 10 seasons and despite great feedback from viewers, “Danny Phantom” only ran for three seasons.

Hartman’s reasons for leaving isn’t because of mistreatment or anything along the lines of what you’re lead to believe.

In a video from his Youtube channel, he describes his reason for leaving by stating that he “just knew it was time.” He then goes on to say “There’s things you have to do in life that are beneficial to you, beneficial to your family.”

Although his time with Nickelodeon has come to an end, his careers and passions have not. When asked about the future of Butch Hartman, his response was “I just love doing what I do. I’m still going to be making animations.”

As it turns out, he will still be creating content maybe even more so than before. He is currently signed with a brand new kids entertainment company called He plans to work with and create new content with this company but can’t tell us much yet. He stated, “I have a lot of projects I’m working on right now, but I’m under contract.”

Besides working for the new company, he will also be creating new content for his two YouTube channels and his cartoon app “Noog.” As for the future of his two biggest creations; It’s unclear what will come of “Danny Phantom.”

For “Fairly Odd Parents,” there is no intention to bringing a new season to the series but Hartman feels the show will be immortalized on Nickelodeon through re-runs. As for “Danny Phantom,” the show could possibly see a revival, but not through just Hartman since Nickelodeon still owns the rights to “Danny Phantom”. Hartman states “I would definitely love to do something “Danny Phantom” related with Nickelodeon.”

Lastly, for most people there’s the idea that your job is your identity. Through the eyes of Butch Hartman, this is not the case. In his video explaining why he left he mentions his belief that “Your identity is not wrapped up in your job, just because someone leaves their job, it does not change who they are. Always remember that.”

Butch Hartman has left a legacy behind with Nickelodeon that many of us will always remember from our childhood. Currently he will still continue to make childhoods for the next years to come.

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Nickelodeon legend retires after 20 years