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The boxing world today has many issues of corruption.

Boxing had always dealt with issues when it came to the scoring by the judges and the fight between. And the bout between Golovkin and Canelo is a prime example of a bad judge. When Golovkin and Canelo signed a contract to fight in Sept. 16, 2017, many of the boxing fans were excited for the upcoming fight.

As the two fighters met in the ring, we were surprised and shocked that Canelo would be trying to box Golovkin, rather than fighting him Mexican style.

For those that are new to the world of boxing, Mexican style means that the fighters are not gonna run and try to land soft punches just score points but instead are going to brawl and fight like a warrior in battle, sure the fighter will bleed but that is show of pride of victory and of grit in the fighter.

It’s not to say that you have to be specifically Mexican because a boxer from Kazakhstan, Gennady Golovkin proved that anyone can use Mexican style.

Throughout the rounds Canelo would use the ropes and tried to play a very defensive fight such as, Floyd Mayweather did with Canelo. Therefore, to no ones surprise Golovkin would chase Canelo in the entire match.

What Canelo brought from this match was what he learned from one of his previous matches with Floyd Mayweather. From that fight he was able to bring an improved boxing skills and a better defense.

But the problem with this strategy (with any boxing match) is that it’s a high risk, high reward in which Golovkin took the rest of the rounds and showed amazing stamina and an excellent resilience throughout the fight.

As the final bell rang the two fighters quickly set in the middle of the ring and quickly tried to make a fight to remember for the fans, but what seemed as the whole match was only dodging jabs and brutal punches from Golovkin. When the bell rang signaling the end of the match, the two fighters quickly hugged each other for a show of good sportsmanship.

The judges Dave Moretti had scored it 115-113, Don Trella had scored it a draw with 114-114 and the most controversial decision was Adelaide Byrd who scored it at 118-110.

Byrd’s particular score is so controversial because Byrd was one of the judges who previously scored another bout with Canelo and Amir Khan. Adelaide Byrd had scored a round in favor Amir Khan before Canelo knocked out Amir Khan, thus she had scored it 48-47.

These are just many examples in the game of boxing and the corruption that resides in it. The score 118-110 showed the uproar of many boxing fans wanting this to be a fair fight.

This shows the fact boxing is more corrupt than ever. That score is like saying the Golovkin did not show up for the fight, the jabs and power punches were nonexistent to the judge Adelaide Byrd.

For instance in round one of the rounds Canelo shook his head right after being jabbed at his face, to the judges that is showing that Canelo got hurt and gives obvious points to the Golovkin. Same with Golovkin when Canelo countered one of Golovkin’s heavy jabs with a three-punch combo.

But to the surprise of the majority of boxing fans, the bout was declared a draw. This prompted a re-evaluation of the judges scorecard, and the sense that corruption was involved in the fight. Teddy Atlas who is a longtime commentator figure in boxing said on ESPN that,”corruption was to blame for the outcome of the fight.”

Atlas said, “There’s money to be made in the casino business, but there is an oversight board to make sure there is no corruption. There’s no oversight board in boxing.”

But what is obvious is that boxing enthusiasts have been well aware that corruption is very much prospering in boxing.

This is not the first time boxing fans saw corruption in boxing. One such example is the bout between Bradley and Pacquiao. The clear winner was Manny pacquiao but the judges had seen the bout differently. This gives clear indication most of the bouts are judged extremely lazy.

One popular boxer that had his own biopic was Jake La Motta who would be the one to win the fight against “Sugar” Ray Robinson but at some times he would be caught making deals with the mafia. Therefore the sad fact is that the corruption of boxing has been here since the early 1900s.

Recently the Nevada Athletic Commission has recently given the judge “a break” and will not be participating in the rematch of Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo.

One retired boxer named Vitali Klitschko who was former WBC heavyweight champion has a good solution for fighters and boxers alike should follow, “KO victory eliminates bad judges” which is 100 percent accurate. It doesn’t rely on the judges to score the fight but rather relies on the fighters themselves.

The rematch is expected to be in May of 2018 with the fight with Canelo and Golovkin and hopefully the boxing fans will get a true “Mexican Style” bout with both of the fighters.



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