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France progresses forward

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The French election just concluded with an astounding win by Emmanuel Macron.

The presidential election in France was on May 7, in the race there was Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. Both individuals had different points of view of how to change the country and it mirrored the presidential election of the United States in a sort of “Alternate Reality” kind of way.

Marine Le Pen was a controversial figure in the election as she had “French-First” as the slogan for her campaign, similar to Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again.” Her harsh comments on immigration and the constant rise of terrorism in the European union had her link terrorism as a result of immigration, similar to her American counterpart.

Those comments were also said by Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who had some interesting comments concerning Jewish people and players from the French World Cup squad who weren’t white. Although, those comments didn’t slip by Marine and she personally expelled Jean-Marie from the National Front due to the remarks he had expressed in previous occasions.

Meanwhile, Macron’s political views are more liberal and wants to improve foreign relationships and also shares an open-door immigration policy similar to that of Germany’s Angela Merkel, which helps refugees while also promoting tolerance towards immigrants and Muslims. Thanks to those proposals and beliefs, he won the Presidential Election.

The initial reports of the French election looked to be in danger with Marine Le Pen winning the preliminary vote, but Macron achieved the upper hand in the last minute of the election.

To choose one of the candidates, Macron is the way to go. Why? Emmanuel Macron is concerned with various aspects that represent the interests and values of France that are represented in the flag: Freedom, Equality, and Brotherhood.

The man is an advocate of Climate Change and in a recent video, he invited researchers from around the world, specially those from the United States, to come to France to study and to share ideas regarding climate change. Due to the negligence of President Donald Trump regarding climate change.

Macron’s represent the true ideals a leader has for its country, as he wants to truly make France a great nation, while also amending the disasters of the past such as him condemning the French colonization of Algeria and embracing foreign policies while establishing dialogue, this is what a diplomat should do and not tweet.

Supporting Le Pen would be turning our backs on a free world. Le Pen has the “French First” slogan and that means a lot and looking back at history, this will not work well and probably set France back in the 1940’s.

So, finally to decide on one is Macron and the ideals he proposes I would think will help France become a bigger world potency and that is thanks to Macron’s way of thinking and how he envisions France towards the world around him.

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France progresses forward