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Starbucks – Overrated or Appreciated?

Baristas bustle with orders at the Starbucks in Palo Verdes, Calif. on Feb. 28, 2022. (Photo courtesy of Nick Ng.)

Do people really love and enjoy their daily coffee intake from Starbucks or is it just a fad that they follow? There seems to be a trend of showing up places with a cup of joe and a green mermaid label. But my question is, why do people go to Starbucks when they can go plenty of other places and get better coffee for less – because, well who doesn’t like saving money especially as a college student.

Is it for the burnt coffee, misspelled name, the green straw, the instagram post?

The answer is that Starbucks is convenient with 127 locations in San Diego alone. There is one on just about every corner tempting you throughout the day. Some with drive thru’s which makes it even easier and faster! And don’t forget that you can pick it up at kiosks while shopping at stores like Safeway and Vons.

As human beings, we prefer consistency and do not like change. Starbucks makes that simple because every store uses the same products and recipes, so we know we will get the same result time after time.

Starbucks counts as a meeting place for friends or a semi-quiet free wifi study place. The atmosphere is inviting and usually pretty spacious and comfortable. They provide outlets to charge your technology and you can spend as much time there as you want staring at your laptop without being judged. Sometimes I study there instead of home just to have an excuse to get my favorite drink.

The most important reason people spend their paychecks and go for the mediocre taste of Starbucks, is the brand. Mondays and the whole week can be hard to get through sometimes, but going to your local Starbucks, can feel like a reward for waking up and taking on the day.

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Starbucks – Overrated or Appreciated?