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Campus fashion sparks individuality

Shot by Michael Schulte

While fashion week made its buzz through Milan starting back on Sept. 21, us viewers are reminded even more of our own wardrobes. How might we spice up our own fall style? Are we up to par with the latest trends? Should we even care?

With such diversity on Palomar campus, it is without question that the fashion choices of students are full of just as much variety. It is noticeable that many students hold importance in a good outfit and take pride in the clothes they put on their back.

“I can walk around campus for five minutes and easily find at least a dozen individuals who rock what they wear,” said Jessica Hancock, a 20-year-old English Literature student.

It seems that many Palomar students do not follow any specific fashion trend, but instead draw inspiration from certain decades and trends. Others follow their own rules when it comes to their outfit choices. This blend shows how style can be both individual and communicative, similar to the inner workings of a college.

Shot by Michael Schulte

Hancock, who describes her personal style as being more of a cross between sporty and “borderline hipster,” spoke about her own experience of fashion trends.

“I love the throwback fashion trend. I feel like more and more people are going back to styles of the late 80s and early 90s and I’m obsessed,” said Hancock.

The throwback trend is Hancock’s favorite at the moment, and her style ranges from circle skirts and crop tops to cardigans and beanies. Regardless of the look she has put together, she wears it confidently.

“I know what looks good on me personally and I’m not afraid to look good in any situation,” Hancock said.

Hudson Kramer, an 18-year-old Palomar student, currently dresses in a more casual manner on the opposite end of the spectrum of Hancock.

“I’m a bit in between styles, so for the majority of this year I’ve just gone with jeans and a t-shirt,” said Kramer, who expressed desire to change up his style and get more into fashion.

Kramer noted that by improving on and taking more pride in his attire it could positively affect his performance at school. Communications student, Naiomi Atchison, 21, who describes her style as being “casual and cute”, agreed with Kramer when it came to the relation between dressing your best and performing your best.

Shot by Michael Schulte
Shot by Michael Schulte

The fact is that fashion is less about a specific trend or piece of clothing, but instead about the creativity of the individual who put the outfit together, and the confidence they carry while wearing it. An outfit can make a person when it comes to the feeling it gives them when wearing it, but more noticeably, the person makes the outfit in the way they walk in it. Your own personality is a major aspect of fashion and personal style. Many students at Palomar are pulling off this combination.

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Campus fashion sparks individuality