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Cardio safety when night falls

The searing heat of this San Diego summer has made it nearly impossible to exercise outside before 7 p.m. Unfortunately, running when the sun goes down puts your safety at a higher risk.

With a recent increase in women being attacked while jogging, it’s important to remember we can never be too comfortable running in our own neighborhoods. Being prepared is key to staying safe and being prepared requires knowing the fundamentals of night safety. Here are a few tips you can apply to your nightly endorphin rush.

Leave your head phones in your gym bag.

Running with your headphones in cuts off one of your main alert signals when sensing suspicious activity. If running without music seems like an impossible task, try leaving one earbud out so you can still sense if someone is near you.

If possible, run with a friend.

Exercising in pairs can improve your workout and help keep you safe at the same time. You now have someone to push you physically to strive harder in reaching your fitness goals which also gives you an extra pair of eyes to ensure you both make it home unscathed.

If running alone is your only option, let someone know where you’re running to and how long it usually takes to make it back. This ensures someone is waiting on your safe return and can come look for you if you don’t return promptly.

It is important to be seen when running at night.

Do not wear all black. If no one can see you then you can’t be helped. You’ll want to plan your run ahead of time, preferably in a populated area, wearing colors that everyone can see.

Bring your phone with you every time.

Cell phones have become a saving grace these days. They even have apps such as Find my Friends, on the iPhone, which gives you the power to provide someone you trust access to track your location. Whether a family member or friend, you always want to make sure that someone is watching your back.

Trust your instincts.

If you have an inkling that maybe someone’s following you or a suspicious car seems to show up on every street you turn onto, call for help. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

It’s ok to beat the heat wave and get your sweat on after sundown but you need to remain alert when out and about. Don’t get caught up thinking about that math test on Monday or the fight you had with your best friend last night. It’s too easy to get sidetracked and lose sight of what and who is around you.

Put yourself and your safety first.

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Cardio safety when night falls