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Current Events Quiz #11

1. Which U.S. TV series is the most pirated outside the U.S.?

2. Mother Theresa is also known as the Saint of the _________?

3. Who is the world’s richest female athlete that has also tested positive for drugs on March 7?

4. Today she’s a famous rapper, in 2003 she worked at Red Lobster as a waitress and was also arrested on a weapons charge. Who is she?

5. Who said this to whom? “Anyone can take a selfie, but not everyone can take a joke.”

6. The American Diner in New York is know for not being politically correct with naming their specials. What’s the name of their famous burger?

7. What famous slogan is Nancy Reagan known for?





1. Game of Thrones (The series has had about 7 million illegal downloads, with one episode episode being downloaded over 4 million times).

2. Gutter (for all of her work done in third world countries).

3. Maria Sharapova

4. Nicki Minaj

5. Bette Midler said this to Kim Kardashian recently after Midler made a Twitter remark about Kardashian’s nude selfie.

6. The Anti-Michelle Obama Don’t Tell Me What to Eat or Feed My Kids Burger.

7. “Just Say No”

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Current Events Quiz #11