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Buycott is the easiest and most reliable app to help avoid purchasing products at the grocery store that are made by animal testing, illegal labor, or any other unethical methods you wish to avoid.

Simply scan the product barcode with your phone and Buycott will tell you if the product is ethical or not. Then, you can upload your decision/comments onto a social media platform of your choice to help warn others of the products injustices.

This app is completely free for iOS, Android and Chrome. Start by either signing in with Facebook or email, then you can choose from a list of campaigns to join, such as: GMO labeling, supporting union workers, boycotting chocolate produced by child slaves or animal testing, or supporting 100% vegetarian based companies.

When choosing campaigns to join, you are given a brief explanation about the campaign and why it’s important. You are even able to adjust how strongly you support the campaign, ranging from moderate to extreme.

Also on the app, you can see trending global campaigns, and view common products that contain any unethical ingredients/methods. By searching a store item you can see: how other users rate it, how many users support it, it’s parent company, and all the product information.

For instance, you could search peanut butter, and Buycott would show you a list of peanut butters that conflict with your choice of campaigns and a list of peanut butters that adhere to your ethical guidelines. This way you can make an informed decision when buying the product of your choice.

Buycott also allows you to join campaigns that push for stricter gun laws or protection for the second amendment, which you can choose under the “Social Responsibility” category. This way, you have the option of finding different campaigns based on your political affiliation.

Buycott is revolutionizing the way we shop, which makes even the easiest of tasks, like grocery shopping, impactful to our society. If you’re passionate about what companies and products are animal, human, environment friendly, then Buycott will become your new best friend.

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