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Staying organized in college is not always easy and keeping a planner is a good idea, until it gets lost. Luckily, theres an app for that.

Students can make their life easier by downloading My Study Life. This is an app that works as an organizer by keeping track of classes, assignments, upcoming exams, and non-instructional days.

When adding a scheduled class, color coding options are available so that classes are distinguishable when being viewed in the calendar option. This provides users with easy organization.

Classes can be structured to identify what building and room they are in, who their professor is, and what days and times the class meets. Also, reminders can be turned on to have the app give an alert up to 30 minutes before a scheduled class begins.

There is also an option for students to add holidays, reminding them of additional days when they don’t have school.

More specifically, users can create tasks to keep track of their homework and assignments. As well as their due dates. To do this, a reminder can be set to have the app alert you that there are incomplete assignments with approaching due dates.

When adding exams, users have the option of adding a room different to that of the class, in case the exam will be administered at a different location. Once the exam is created, students can be notified if they have conflicting classes during the exam time.

On the app’s dashboard, students can view classes, tasks, exams, or events.

Although the app is intended to keep track of classes and their assignments, there are no restrictions on what “classes” can be added. Athletes can add practice times and games and compare them to any conflicting class times.

For professors, a “teacher” profile can be created, so that they also have their schedule on their phone.

My Study Life is a convenient way for students or professors to keep track of their school schedules without having to carry any extra weight in their bags.

If your looking to simplify your school life, the app can be downloaded for free on both the Iphone and Android systems.

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