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On Tap at The Telescope: DogFish Head’s Palo Santo Marron

On Tap at The Telescope: DogFish Heads Palo Santo Marron

“Dogfish Head? An unconventional company? No way …..

Okay, so maybe we are a little nuts! We brew strange concoctions of beer, sell silly accessories with our name on it and have our own music group, The Pain Relievaz!

We like to keep it a little kooky and wacky around the Dogfish joint!”

(according to the website, this is the Dogfish Way)


It can be hard to find a good beer to complement your Thanksgiving dinner, but DogFish Head’s Palo Santo Marron does just that. Whether you are having a traditional turkey dish or a ham with a spicy or sweet glaze, Palo Santo will be a great pair.

Palo Santo is a barrel-aged brown ale. The handmade containers are crafted from an exotic wood known as Paraguayan Palo Santo. The beer is unfiltered and flows freely through the crates. Being brewed this way allows the wood to create a complexly extraordinary flavor of caramel and vanilla.

The oak gives the beer a rich sweetness that complements the fruity glaze and combats the spiciness.

It is typically served from a 12-ounce bottle that is served in a pint glass. As it is poured, the dark ale is a deep brown with a coffee-like color foam head. Although several places also have it on tap and the taste is still exceptional.

There is no hoppy smell, this brown ale is dominated by a sweet and woodsy aged scent. This distinctly roasty and malty brown ale registers in at 12% ABV.

This ale has a mild bitterness, which can be enjoyed by even the most laxed beer drinkers.

You won’t have to worry about a tart taste or fizzy’s in your nose with each sip. The beer’s body is rich and creamy with little carbonation.

This beer is a different brew because it can be reminiscent to a barrel-aged stout, which manufactures an even more intricate spicy sweet flavor, rare to find in another beer.

The caramel flavor, accented by a smoky, earthy taste, masks the ABV and makes you forget you are even drinking alcohol. Since this ale is a tame ABV, you won’t have to smell an old tart smell when Grandma goes to kiss you goodbye.

DogFish is a great beer for the holiday.

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On Tap at The Telescope: DogFish Head’s Palo Santo Marron