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On Tap at The Telescope: Mother Earth brews vanilla-tinged ale

On Tap at The Telescope: Mother Earth brews vanilla-tinged ale

The craft brewing scene is booming, saturated with various India Pale Ales, stouts, and fancy lagers than you can shake a pint glass at.

But among the noise of craft snobbery and hopped-up ales is a local offering brewed right here in North County — Mother Earth’s Cali’ Creamin’ Ale.

This is not your typical craft brew. The Cali’ Creamin’ is a sweet, mildly-flavored beverage that evokes a summer day sipping cream soda rather than a hip gastropub.

Cali’ Creamin’ pours thin and clear and doesn’t have much of a foam head. The scent evokes strong vanilla notes, with a bit of grass and earth.

As for the taste, this beer tastes pretty much like you’d expect.

At its most basic, Cali’ Creamin’ is the closest thing to a hard cream soda.

It’s a medium-bodied beer with a crisp, slightly dry mouthfeel and decent carbonation. Refreshing and satisfying at the same time.

There’s a moderate vanilla flavor, along with a bit of sweetness. The aftertaste dies down to a malty, corn-like finish.

It’s a sweet beer, but not overly so. The bitterness on the aftertaste balances the flavor out nicely.

For anyone who’s scared of a sugar bomb, this isn’t that. The vanilla flavor comes out much more strongly in the scent than the taste. This beer still tastes like a beer.

Cali’ Creamin’ is that unusual craft brew that seems like more of a novelty than anyone’s first choice. It’s a solid beer to be sure, but nothing groundbreaking or flavorful enough to warrant favorite status.

On a hot summer day, Cali’ Creamin’ could be a poolside companion. It could easily replace someone’s cream soda in a barbecue. It has excellent drinkability, and someone could definitely session this beer.

But it might not be for everyone. Fans of heavily-hopped brews and double-digit alcohol percentages might scoff at this one.

But if you’re an open-minded drinker and in the mood for something different — even novel — it can’t hurt to pick this one up.


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On Tap at The Telescope: Mother Earth brews vanilla-tinged ale