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The person you saw at freshman orientation is not the same person you see on the way to Stats or your graduation ceremony. Most often we don’t know what others have gone through to reach the current state in their lives. They could have gone through good and bad relationships, good and bad jobs, a fluctuating GPA, and late-night study sessions.

College is not for everyone, but it can help build character and shape young adults to be positive individuals contributing to society.

The reason students pursue a four-year degree is to obtain the educational and career tools to afford them their job of choice. Fortunately, college provides so much more than that such as life skills, interpersonal growth, time management, and a controlled environment to ease into adulthood.

From childhood to high school graduation, life seems to be laid out so effortlessly. You don’t worry about what classes to take, who your friends are, or what to do in your spare moments. You don’t have to micromanage every part of your existence.

College forces you to gradually take hold of the life you want to lead. Suddenly what sport or club you take interest in matters. Sororities and honors clubs are potential career benefits. You have credit that needs to be monitored. Those you surround yourself with are of the same standard you hold yourself to. What job will you hold while in college?

Four-year universities offer on and off campus learning opportunities for growth. Depending on the campus, there are study groups, clubs, special programs, and learning communities to promote your educational growth.

Students can opt to take part in internships to further their personal growth. You think that classrooms have prepared you for the tough interviews, but in actuality it is the real life experience of attending a professional interview that prepares you for the next potential interview.

Study abroad trips offer ways to learn new languages, the opportunity to travel, insight to other cultures, skills and experiences that a classroom can’t offer, expands your world views, and allows you to make friendships in your travels.

On a typical university campus, there are thousands of students who you will come into contact with. This environment gives you a safe place to learn how to accept and co-habitate with others of various backgrounds and learning styles. The reason our society progresses and constantly increases potential is from a direct result of cultural variation.

Some are lucky enough to meet their spouse or best friends for life. Those people who will play a great role in helping you through the tough times and celebrate your success. You learn how to have adult friendships and relationships while maintaining your full schedule of classes, clubs, sport, or work. You learn that sometimes living with your closest friends is does not allow for your relationship to grow. You accept that the friendships you started with may not be the ones you walk across the stage with and that is ok because you both have grown into new people.

Another benefit to attending a university is acquiring a sense of pride and unity for the school you attend. Universities tend to have a few teams that the student body supports whether by going to games or showing school spirit on campus. There is a sense of ownership and pride that is attached; a certain responsibility to represent the university in a positive light.

Increased responsibility is something that is developed over the course of a four year university. When you don’t have parents making sure you are washing laundry, managing your money, and attending classes, it is up to you to decide how and when to accomplish the day to day chores.

When you are a young adult in college, you don’t yet realize how rough things can get. There will be times when money is tight, grades are slipping, family drama is on high, bills are due, friends aren’t supportive, and all you want to do is sleep. This ease into adulthood can teach you how to not only manage your emotional stress, but also deal with your struggles head on.

You will learn to accept that failure is only a bruise and not a tattoo. The ability to pick up and keep on reaching for your goals is something that will carry with you onto the rest of adulthood. One of the best parts about walking across that stage to receive your diploma will be the story of how it took everything in you to get there.

These years will have ups and downs, but the journey to reach graduation will make it all worth the effort. The four year experience will give you so much more than you imagined possible.


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