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Christmas fashion on display in library

The annual student fashion exhibit titled ‘Sweet Seasons’ was done in the library on Palomar College campus, Nov.18, 2014 (Yoshikazu Yamashita/The Telescope)

Visual merchandising students recently brought some holiday spirit to the San Marcos campus with a festive display in Palomar’s library.

The beginning and advanced visual merchandising classes worked for about three hours on Nov. 18 to set up the display, which includes five, full-size Christmas trees, two vitrines, and five mannequins dressed in student designs. There is also a white wooden box with a sign that reads, “Sweet Seasons.”

Kendell Dolinsky, 19, said they were thinking of themes to go off of and then they had an idea for a candy land theme.

The planning process began as a collaboration from the advanced visual merchandising students. Fatima Ramirez, 20, is one of four advanced students who helped prepare the display.

“For this display, we have been planning for 2 to 3 weeks and that includes brainstorming, sketching and preparing props,” Ramirez said in an email.

According to Ramirez, the advanced students first brainstormed ideas and themes for inspiration. Once they came up with several possibilities, their ideas were presented to the beginning visual merchandising class, who voted on their favorites.

Ramirez added that the advanced students’ ideas were combined with ideas from beginning students to produce the concept for the actual display.

“Once we have the idea for the project we sketch it out to scale and add all the important details,” she said.

Some of “the important details” of this display include red gift boxes, candy canes, and handmade candy props that are nestled in the branches of the Christmas trees. Izabella Latrach, 18, said she folded many of the boxes and provided her input regarding the vitrines and mannequins.

Dolinsky also described how she and some of her classmates painted and wrapped the candy with ribbon.

She added that the class also relied on props from their storage shed. She said she was thankful that Nordstrom donated the trees.

Two mannequins in front feature white and tan dresses designed by student Nicola Hopwood. Toward the back of the display, three more mannequins were dressed temporarily in floor-length gowns, but have since been replaced with designs by Sayra Gonzales, instructor Rita Campo-Griggs said in an email.

On the day they set up the display, students received guidance from Campo-Griggs to stay in accordance with their chosen theme. Several students dressed mannequins, arranged props, tied ribbons and painted a wooden box white. Others returned to the classroom to make additional candy props.

“We don’t want it looking sloppy because it reflects not only … us but the program itself and the class itself,” Dolinsky said.

Both Dolinsky and Latrach said they felt that the display had turned out well.

The display will stay up until Dec. 15.

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Christmas fashion on display in library