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The legalization of pot is inevitable

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In the world of weed, there are many misguided, misinterpreted, ill-judged and unreasonable opinions on what marijuana can do for you.

We live in that world, whether people want to believe it or not, and weed is everywhere. It’s all around us, it’s in your neighbor’s home, in dispensaries right down the street from the grocery store, heck, it might even be in your mom’s jewelry box.

So then why are so many people against marijuana? Well, for many people the misinterpretations of marijuana is that it is a gateway drug. It will fuel the fury of hell to take over your children’s soul and slowly turn them into a stoner. False.

True, there is a culture of marijuana that includes users without prescriptions. And, to those who do not have the medical card to obtain state legalized marijuana and have a medical problem, what’s stopping you from getting one?

There is the culture of many users who do have a medical card. Being afraid to admit it shouldn’t be something anyone should go through. It’s not shameful to know that you have depression, to know that your nerves might be damaged, that you cannot eat without feeling pain. It is not shameful at all. It is, however, disappointing to think that people will look down upon you, frown at the fact that you might smoke, ingest or vaporize this medicine.

Prescribed but not taken every moment of every day is the misguided opinion of some. The fact is that unlike traditional pharmacies, medical marijuana patients have to obtain their medicine from local dispensaries that are hidden and out of sight, not to draw attention.

Often it is hard to find where dispensaries are located, because in every way the government, FDA and conservative organizations try to shut them down. In every way these people try to find something that’s wrong with these dispensaries, without ever considering what it does for the actual patients. The shamed and closed-down shops make patients feel a little more helpless. Users then try to contact street dealers, which is also a federal offense, and either way users find themselves stuck.

Many users who are not prescribed marijuana take the risk anyways, and in most cases never find themselves getting into any trouble. To them, it can be worth the risk, even with a medical card, to find someone closer to you due to the closure of favored dispensaries. As shameful as that sounds, it is the reality of these closures. The fact that the people who do want them shut down don’t realize what impact it has on their community, is shameful.

According to the UT-San Diego, a dispensary known as A Green Alternative is the first legal dispensary in the city of San Diego since medical marijuana’s approval 18 years ago.

However, there are many others throughout San Diego. In fact, with some simple research you will find that there are hundreds of medical dispensaries within the county. Casualties are often, though the relocation and reopening of dispensaries are usually only a few months after the closing of previous shops.

It is interesting to find small owners continuously driven to reopen locations. The Huffington Post reported that pot businesses thrive in the state of Colorado, whose legal marijuana laws are projected to generate $47 million in tax revenue this fiscal year.

Combined together for an overall $600 million in wholesale and retail marijuana sales, dispensaries and businesses are booming. CNN also reported a story on the Breckenridge Cannabis Club, which went from an annual $500,000 a year to $5 million a year with only 30 employees.

Imagine what this could do for California. You have a huge revenue from these small businesses, and people are now generating millions of dollars. What an industry to get into.

The overwhelming problem most people have is how it will affect younger people. That is something of a concern, but there are regulations in place such as all consumers must be 21 years of age or older.

Trail blazers for the legalization of marijuana see what it can do for California’s finances.

It would be a transition that everyone has to understand is possible. For the sake of the users and business owners, it will happen. Knowing that our country is in debt can be somewhat frightful and continues to hurt our economy. The power that is behind this industry can revolutionize the way we think of marijuana and possibly help turn our debt around.

Legalizing marijuana has proven to provide an industry with opportunities that not only help the patients, but help everyone around them. The choice is yours and whether you decide to become a part of the culture of marijuana, being a supporter or a user, the revolution is coming.

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The legalization of pot is inevitable