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Don’t be clueless…the ’90s are back!

Dont be clueless...the 90s are back!

Ah, the ‘90s. The carefree, hip realm of crop tops, overalls, high-waisted pants and chokers. All of these fashion staples can be seen in ’90s shows like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “Friends,” “Boy Meets World,” and “Full House.” Now, they’re making a comeback in college classrooms. Anyone up for a trip back in time?

We all know fashion trends come and go, but lately ’90s fashion has become immensely popular. In essence, the whole ’90s vibe is very laid back with an edgy touch.

Specific ’90s pieces we’ve been seeing a lot lately are high-waisted shorts, crop tops, overalls, flannels, off-the-shoulder tops, and those beloved chokers that 20th-century kids swore by back in the day. Even beauty trends have returned fashion as part of the ’90s invasion: dark lips, bold lip liner, and light brown smoky eyes are super hot this year. Just look at Kylie Jenner’s Instagram pictures. Her makeup screams ’90s.

The ’90s was a melting pot era: a mix of hip hop, rap, rock, pop, so everyone can wear his/her personal style while still staying true to the ’90s vibe. For the most part, there are very few rules to owning ’90s fashion.

But while this ’90s comeback has mostly stayed true to its origins, it has been updated a bit for the modern world we live in.

New York Fashion Week showcased a tasteful variety of ’90s fashions, like matching crop tops and high-waisted skirts, flannels, boldly printed outfits, overalls paired with halter tops, thick wedge shoes, baggy pants, snapbacks, and denim staples, offering inspiration for ’90s-inspired fashion with a modern twist. Here’s some inspiration from the looks that strolled down the runway:

o Rather than dressing in head-to-toe denim, a denim staple like a jacket will take your outfit back in time.

o Instead of flashing your tummy by wearing a crop top with low rise jeans, pair it with high-waisted shorts, pants, or skirt. Finish off the outfit with classic Converse or ankle boots.

o Try fitted overalls rather than baggy ones and pair them with a pair of wedges and a cute crop top underneath. Chokers are an option to consider as well.

The ’90s are back and ’90s kids are rejoicing. So put on those overalls you thought you left behind for good in elementary school, rock those dark lips, and maybe even put on an old NSYNC CD on your portable CD player. Anyone else feeling the nostalgia?

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Don’t be clueless…the ’90s are back!