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Spider-Man is the Greatest Superhero of all Time

Spider-Man is the Greatest Superhero of all Time

Our friendly neighborhood Spiderman is by far the most relatable, and the most unique character of our teenage years that puts him as the best character of all of the marvel universe and here’s why.

Unlike many of the other superheroes, Spider-man(Peter Parker) was a regular teenager in high school when he suddenly got bit by a radioactive spider, then given superpowers.

Spider-man was created by writer-editor Stan Lee & writer-artist Steve Ditko. The character became an orphan after his parents died in a plane crash, he went to live with his uncle Ben and Aunt May. Peter loved his uncle and aunt more than anything. His uncle was then killed when a burglar was robbing their house.

With this event affecting peter, he then took up the mantle as the Spiderman and began to fight crime. This was the start of his newfound transformation into becoming Spider-man, “your friendly neighborhood Spider-man”, who fights crime, villains and brings justice for the innocent. He could have stopped the burglar who killed his uncle because he later learns it was the same person whom he let go earlier.

Peter Parker or Spider-man can be very relatable to younger generations of its time and the youth now. He struggles with financial issues, he is lonely at times, has girl problems, and soon graduates high school and enters college.

Peter Parker then attains spider-like qualities such as genius-level intellect, superb scientist and inventor, superhuman strength, speed, durability, and agility, he has the ability to cling to most surfaces, precognitive spider-sense, and his wrist as web-shooters.

Wall-crawling, durability, reflexes stamina, healing. His spider-sense can warn him of danger, it could be all of a sudden, such as sensing a gun at him, or a punch. Whether it be loose ceiling tiles or rotted rooftops, his spider-sense would prevent him from tripping over anything in complete darkness.

Even Stan Lee’s favorite superhero was Spider-man, based off the interview with Stan Lee in which he said, “The Marvel comic book legend has created hundreds of characters, but one stands above the rest: Spider-Man.” “He’s the best-loved all over the world, and that makes me very happy,” says Lee, 89.”

Spider-man is recognizable by his costume. HIs classic spidey suit, the original spiderman suit by Steve Ditko, who redesign the costume in 1962, from his full mask and wrist web shooter to the red web pattern on his suit. That many children, adults dress up as.

Above all, Spiderman is the superior superhero of all time.

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Spider-Man is the Greatest Superhero of all Time