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Social media isn’t your diary #sorrynotsorry

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Did you know what you post now can potentially ruin your future? I am a firm believer in still keeping a diary because I understand that private things are meant to be private.

Remember when people kept diaries and got mad when people tried to read them?
Well, now people are upset when no one reads their 100th personal social media posts.

There is absolutely no reason for people to post everything on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I don’t care that you made spaghetti for dinner, or that your Starbucks barista spelled your name wrong, nor do I give a shit about the club you just got ‘turnt’ in or how lit you were.

Posting scandalous or ratchet photos on social media is not classy whatsoever. It may be cool now to post everything your night consists of, but sooner or later you will regret letting the whole world know what you are doing every waking minute. It will catch up to you and could possibly ruin your future.

Plus no one cares. Sorry, not sorry.

Nowadays, all anyone has to do is go to the search bar in Google, type in someone’s name and everything about that person pops up. Technology is only getting smarter and more into our personal lives. Before we even know it, there will be a database for anything that is considered salacious or disrespectful.

Employers that truly care about their self image will no doubt look up potential employees and see how they present themselves on social media. A person that posts lewd photos or vulgar posts will most likely not be hired or be fired for the improper use of social media. Reputation and presentation is essential in all aspects of life.

People portray themselves in a negative light and then wonder why people have animosity toward them or gossip about them. Yeah, a total shocker.

What people do not understand is that just because your page is private does not mean that everyone can’t see what you are posting. Someone can screenshot it and repost it. If it was on the internet than it will never fully be gone.

The club scene may be cool in your 20’s, but not when your 7-year-old child stumbles across a picture of you draped all over several men, in a skanky outfit with copious amounts of alcohol.

What even goes through people’s mind when they post their food on Facebook? Do they expect me to congratulate them on eating, like “awesome you are eating today, and know how to cook because clearly no one else EVER does THAT.”

People need to keep their private life to themselves. I am not saying to not take photos and live life to the fullest. There is just a fine line between what should be posted publicly and what should be shared among those who matter the most.

If you want to keep those memories to share, then make a damn photo album and show them to people who come over. Don’t bog down social media with your incessant posts.


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Social media isn’t your diary #sorrynotsorry