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Music is Monumental & Palomar Helps Move It Forward

Music is Monumental & Palomar Helps Move It Forward. (Shaina Blakesley/The Telescope)
A few monumental musical moments in history. // Shaina Blakelsey
A few monumental musical moments in history. // Shaina Blakelsey

At some point in our life, we encounter music. You could be one of those people who feels the rhythm, just likes to sing along in the shower or during a car ride. Either way, music has impacted your life. Music also impacts society. Equally, society affects music. People sing what they feel, what they experience or the words in their hearts. Not everyone agrees on the same music, but we must accept all that is out there because it is an important form of expression.

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Music Education at Palomar

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the music industry?

Maybe you just want to learn how to sing, or play an instrument.

Palomar College’s Music Department has several degrees that you can obtain. You can get a certification of proficiency in digital animation, compositing, and music. Also available are Associate Degrees in music.

You can pick the classes you wish to take as long as you meet the requirements. The degree requires 44 units. The general requirements have classes that teach the fundamentals, appreciation and basic music theories and skills.

There are classes that teach Cuban and Brazilian drumming. You can also be a part of the choir and other vocal dominant courses. If you are more digitally savvy or into new wave electronica music, then there is also computer music training classes, as well as an electronic ensemble class.

You can learn specific instruments such as piano, guitar, and keyboard.

For More Info:

  1. Palomar College Performing Arts
  2. Palomar College Music Degrees
  3. Palomar College Music Classes

You can also call for more academic information.

760-744-1150 x2316

Professor Ellen Weller from Palomar’s music department:

A Song Just For You

By Fern Menezes


Being a geriatric music lover, it’s been a pleasure to watch how music has grown to what it is today. From a young age I watched a lot of musicals like Oklahoma then go home singing and dancing. As I was growing up I listened to whatever my Mom liked and I loved it because it was music. At first it was ballads, then a lot of country music, and some gospel thrown in.

At school I sang in the choir and was exposed to a wider variety of music. I loved watching and listening to orchestras, competing in various choir programs and the excitement of the new Rock and Roll music. Yes, I’m old enough to remember the birth of rock and roll and all it brought with it.

American Bandstand was a big hit from the beginning. It became a priority to get home right after school to watch the program that brought the latest and greatest sounds and live performances by the newest artists. The dancers on the show became famous icons for that era. Because of them the big “circle skirts” and tight sweaters (with pointed bras underneath) became the rage. That program lasted until 1987 and thankfully that style didn’t. With every change in style of music this era remains my favorite. I loved the songs that were popular when I was in high school along with all the emotions attached to the music.

Music has changed so much since then, but the emotions haven’t nor the changes to fashion that were made popular by performers. I still appreciate the work that goes into making music be it writing or putting musical notes on paper. I still love listening to an orchestra the same way I love listening to AC/DC. A tremendous amount of work went into both. I think the latter made more money, but won’t be around as long as Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9.

Music has its place in everyone’s heart not matter what genre. And it has its own language, which is understood by all. My advice would be to nurture that love of music and appreciate the work and effort it took for a person to make that just for you.

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Music Has the Power

By Shaina Blakesley


I am the type of person who feels things very strongly, thus music is the beat of my heart. Music has been in my life since as long as I can remember.

I love it all. I do not discriminate.

Music has been around since nearly the beginning of human existence. It started out as banging sticks and rocks together and against hard surfaces. It evolved to animal skin drums, then stringed turtle shells connected to sticks from the Sumerian and Babylonian eras.

Decades and centuries passed, and now we have so many instruments that I can’t even name them all. Every country, region, community, and tribe have their own style of music.

Not everyone listens to the same type of music, and I am here to tell you that that is okay. Everyone has their own taste and we should find the beauty in our differences.

It doesn’t matter if you like Taylor Swift, Nirvana, Devil Wears Prada, Kendrick Lamar, or anyone else.

Music is music, just like you are you.

Nothing would have very much meaning if there was only one type of music that EVERYONE had to like and listen to.

American singer-songwriter, Billy Joel once uttered words that I firmly believe in. He said “I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”

Without music, I do not think I could find the words to express myself 99 percent of the time.

Besides, what would we dance to? The sounds of the crickets? No.

Traffic or sirens? Eh, not good enough.

In essence, we need music. Music is lovely, fun, entertaining, and a great escape from reality.

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Music is Monumental & Palomar Helps Move It Forward