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Transfer Rates; Irvine Valley College vs. Palomar College

Story by Ideth Sanchez

Irvine Valley college ranks first for university transfer within the state of California. Palomar College has roughly 14 percent of transfer out students falling shortly behind IVC.

Palomar College has a student-faculty ratio is 27-to-1 whereas IVC has a student faculty ratio 46-to-1 going way above the average of state community colleges at 44-to-1.

This clearly displays the efforts in which IVC goes to give its students what they need in order to transfer easily.

Based on information from USN, Irvine Valley has a total of 13,362 students, 4,495 are full-time and 8,867 are part-time.

From the Palomar’s FactBook, the transfer rate of its students was about 7 percent in the year 2017.

However, looking into Irvine Valley College, the school has a 100 percent transfer rate with 77 percent of retention rate within its student’s population.

When looking at the factors in which are involved in having their students be more successful we come across some of the programs, aid and student activities that assist the transfer process.

Irvine Valley College has an honors program that is very beneficial to students who want to continue their education at a four-year college.

As stated on the IVC website it ,”Transfer rates for IVC Honors Program students generally run between 80 and 90 percent compared to 20 to 30 percent for non-honors IVC students.”

This shows the dedication and confidence that has IVC students transferring faster than students at Palomar College.

Students at IVC must maintain an overall GPA of 3.25 in order to be admitted and must also achieve a 3.25 GPA if students interests lie in the honors college.

Although it is a separate application for students who apply to be in the school’s honors program the GPA requirement and expectations as an IVC student lies in the same standards.

This program is very strict and could keeps students on track with their goal of transferring to the college of their dreams.

Irvine Valley College has a $1,500 in-state tuition and $7,600 out-of-state. Palomar college tuition fees are $1,300 for in-state and $5,500 out-of-state.

Even though Palomar’s tuition fees are about $100 less for in-state and $2,000 less for out-of state than IVC many students don’t take advantage of government funds to help pay for their studies.

Both schools offer financial aid information and encourage students to apply. Students in which apply for aid might have a weight of daunting stress be lifted from them allowing the focus of school to be prominent. This would explain the shocking transfer rate IVC has as opposed to Palomar College.

Irvine Valley has less students on campus than Palomar which could affect their transfer rate since more students will receive undivided attention from counselors and school staff.

With that said, 49 percent of students are male and 51 percent are female here at Palomar College. Palomar had a total of 23,121 students enrolled in credit classes in 2016. About 31.4 percent of those students were full-time and 68.8 percent were part-time.

Part-time students affect transfer rates because they tend to stay in school longer. due to the amount of units they take each semester. Instead of completing general education in two years it can take them up to double.

Palomar College has a general overall rating of 3.7 and Irvine Valley has a 3.6 overall rate out of five. Both schools have a high average of professor ratings ranging from 3.6 to 3.8.

The popular Ratemyprofesor website where students rate their professors up to five stars and also rate their school in general.

Students consider this website almost every time they enroll in the class. They are curious to know whether the professor makes the class difficult or not so they could earn that .

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Transfer Rates; Irvine Valley College vs. Palomar College