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A Spring of Staff Photographers

Spring Photographer Feature
Spring Photographer Feature

This semester we have been gifted with many professional photographers, all of which who have been working hard to provide content for the print edition, magazine, website, blogs, and social media. Here’s a few of the ones we would love to highlight as the semester comes to an end.

Taylor Hardey

“I am a photography major in my second semester at Palomar. This is my first time taking Photojournalism and I plan on joining again next semester. I usually take photos of nature and landscapes, but I decided to give sports and other events a try. I am new to journalistic photography, so I have yet to develop a specific progress when it comes to getting my photos, other than just taking a bunch of photos and hoping one of them turns out!”

Belen DeAnda

“This is my second semester at Palomar College. I am a Dodger fan and my favorite food is Thai. I don’t really have a process for taking photos, I just live in the moment and snap as I go. I really enjoy candid shots.”


Victoria Bradley

“My passion for photography was instilled in me from babyhood… I photograph landscape because of its continuous change due to weather, the various elements, the passage of time and unfortunately man’s encroachment. Another aspect of landscape photography is sharing those incredible moments in time that remind you of the connection we all have to the land. When I photograph flora, I look for contrasting colors, patterns and textures amid large and small natural settings. They provide drama and interest to their landscape.
I recently started delving into Alternate Processes, which is handcrafted photography.”


Emily Whetstone

“I like capturing things in the moment and the beauty of things. I may not be excellent but I continue to grow and look up to my grandfather who remains to be my inspiration and where I get my passion from. “


Susanna Behnan

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures of sporting events because that is where my passion is. I had to get out of my comfort zone for certain events, but I am glad I was able to experience everything. Just like journalism, I have to prepare and do a little bit of research of the event and the people before I go out shooting. “



Eddie Hoffman

“I have been photographing for about two years, I started seriously photographing senior year in high school for the school yearbook. I mainly shot sports which I feel led to an increased understanding of how my camera worked….. I am also an animal rights activist, so I soon found I could use my camera to advocate for what I believe in. I shot pictures of pigs in slaughter trucks on their way into the slaughterhouse to show people the fear in their eyes. Lately, I have turned to getting portraits of animals that have been saved from slaughter, these images are from Farm Animal Refuge, where they rescue animals before they are killed. I am excited to continue my photography career and to reach more people with my work.”


Aubree Wiedmaier

“My family has always been big in art. Any form of it really. My sister is so talented with drawing and my mother is a cosmetologist and does all of her own nail designs. I wasn’t ever that great at either of those things but my parents bought me a camera one year and I haven’t put it down since.

I actually don’t know how I would define my style. I think there’s still so much for me to learn that I haven’t really found it.”


Krista Moore

“I first fell in love with photography after looking through a folder of old photos of me and my siblings. I loved all of the candid shots of us playing sports and enjoying each others company. Sports photography has become my favorite because you can capture so much detail in one shot. You can freeze time and that is what I love most about photography.”


Ramon I. Valdivia

“The first time I picked up a camera was when I was about 10 years old. It was a Polaroid, the ones where you take the picture and the picture comes out the front. You had to air it out or wait for it for a bit before the picture appeared. I thought this camera was amazing.

I got into photojournalism out of curiosity. Ever since I started going through the course I got more interested in it. I like taking pictures and having them published with the Palomar College newspaper. It makes me feel good and like I have accomplished something to share with people.

This is my last semester at Palomar College and I plan to keep pursuing photography and exploring the amazing things it brings down the road.”


Trevor Nance

“For my photography, I actively look for critical moments such as intense emotion, and always expect the unexpected. That is my way of seeking the moment, but for the quality of the picture, I find unique angles and also photograph what I am reporting on from beginning to end. Overall, I am prepared at all times, and keep my mind in the element of photography when shooting.”


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A Spring of Staff Photographers