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‘Infinity War’ plenty of action, little story line

Infinity War plenty of action, little story line


With 18 films all building to a single movie, “Avengers: Infinity War” certainly had a lot to live up to.

“Avengers: Infinity War” is constructed as the title would suggest – it is a comic book war film. Characters in this movie will often be introduced instantaneously without an establishment scene. Just like war films, this movie doesn’t have that much time for quiet moments and instead focuses on the terror of war itself.

No film like this has ever been made. This movie features almost no supporting cast members. Nearly everyone in this film is an A-List actor or major character. When you have as many characters and build up as the previous Marvel movies have created, it is remarkably difficult to create a focused film. However, The Russo Brothers managed to pull it off with their approach to crafting one of the biggest films of all time.

From the chilling opening scene, this movie utterly abandons the lighthearted tone of previous Marvel films. While this movie does feature humor, the overall film is bleak.

This is a film where each action sequence features stakes where you feel the heroes are in genuine danger. The action sequences in this film are thrilling because there is never a moment where you feel confident in the odds of the heroes.

Since his introductory moment in the first “Avengers” film, each Marvel movie has hinted at the power of Thanos. Thanos lives up to the stories and myths the previous films told. He is intimidating and remarkably powerful.

The film also wisely pours true character into Thanos with dialogue scenes that give his character a slight sense of empathy. Josh Brolin slammed it out of the park with his performance and plays a genuine character rather than a super villain.

Alan Silvestri conducted the best musical score for any “Avengers” film yet. The score for this film sounds like an opera epic. It adds astonishing emotion to both the action sequences and character moments in this film. Silvestri is still conducting epic and euphoric scores, and this film features one of the best scores he has ever crafted.

The only area where “Avengers: Infinity War” struggles is with its pacing. The film is essentially a non-stop action sequence.

While the action does feature emotion, the film does have quite a bit to juggle and some of the character interactions consequently feel somewhat out of place.

This is the first superhero war film. Rather than feel too large scale, the film feels moderately grounded and emotionally investing. It has euphoric and epic music, breathtaking and crowd pleasing action sequences, and character use which has been built by 10 years worth of films.

This movie is a superhero epic which is dissimilar to any other movie in Marvel’s filmography.


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‘Infinity War’ plenty of action, little story line