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Faculty union is spreading sensationalism

The college’s faculty union is looking to fire a division dean through sensationalistic methods, all while slandering his name and character.

The process in which the union is going about faculty upheaval against a dean is ignoring the due process every individual within our college community deserves and ignores the sensitivity of the alleged victims to his behavior.

On Tuesday, the Palomar Faculty Federation, an organized union for the college’s professors, will organize in Parking Lot 1 in a rally calling for the dismissal of one of the college deans.

A flyer was passed out with dominating yellow text and boxes against a black and red diagonal stripes screaming off the page with a bold headline stating, “TOXIC DEAN.” Such use of language and imagery resembles propaganda material and promotes a sensationalist environment unwarranted and distracting in a college environment.

The person in question is not as boldly named as were the allegations splattered across the leaflet, but it leaves hints as to which of the current sitting six deans it may be: “he” and “probationary.”

Within the past two semesters only two deans have been hired, Syed Khaled Hussain is the only male amongst the two.

It should be noted that our publication falls under the Media Studies department overseen by Hussain, nor are we making a statement against the allegations put against him.

The behavior that is being shown from the union is sidestepping the appropriate protocol dictated by the college through the Administrative Association Handbook. They are ultimately taking actions into their own hands in a form of defiance against the college for the dismissal of a dean they view unfit.

The allegations presented in the flier reports of “sexual harassment” and “health problems” as a result of his actions are not diligently verified for accuracy or presented to the college community.

It also violates the privacy of the supposed victims of his alleged behavior by presenting this information. The faculty complaining of sexual harassment likely preferred to keep the information private.

The actions of the union also damages the image of Hussain and sets them up for the possibility of a lawsuit for slander and defamation of character. Actions that are within Hussain’s legal rights if he sees fit.

By not allowing the college to fulfill a proper investigation into the matter and before any valid information is presented on the case, the union is creating a sense of hostility on our campus and detracting the attention of students and faculty in the midst of midterms.

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Faculty union is spreading sensationalism