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Mac Miller sends chills down spine with ‘Divine Feminine’

Hip-hop artist Mac Miller performs and holds a microphone to his mouth.
Hip-hop artist and Pittsburgh native Mac Miller, seen performing on Sept. 20, 2015, died of an overdose that included fentanyl on Sept. 7, 2018. (Larry Roberts/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/TNS)

Mac Miller released his fourth album on Sept. 16, “The Divine Feminine,” and the funky, soulful beats will have

you nodding your head…and then wondering why you feel the sudden urge to text your ex.

The innovative rapper from The Burg’s newest album takes you on a journey of lust, sex, and the tug and pull that is young love. By releasing an album fully dedicated to love, Miller has shared with the world that he’s grown, that he has a heart, but also that his heart beats in his pants.

With the title, “The Divine Feminine,” a young female fan like myself would hope to hear songs dedicated to the boss essence of a woman. The admiration of the female mind and of female talent are aspects I have been so patiently waiting to hear in the rap music I listen to. This is something I was hoping to gain out of Miller’s newest album. It seems to be a pipe dream to believe any male rapper would write a verse enlightening about women, and this album is no exception.

On a brighter note, Miller makes one hell of a sex album. His drone out, raspy voice is the perfect match for the sultry lyrics that fill this album. The not safe for work track, “Skin,” captures Miller’s admiration for the divinity of the intimacy between two people.

“I open up your legs and go straight for your heart,” Miller raps, further impressing his idea that love is created through sex.

This track wonderfully captures intimacy through steamy lyrics with trippy beats to match. Miller is genius in his combination of beats to lyrics, pulling out emotions that can’t be created in silence.

Miller’s track, “We,” is another that will take you on a journey through feeling. The music travels through contrasting beachy tunes, to a steady drum beat, to celestial piano keys. This sound, combined with the feature of CeeLo Green’s angelic voice as a spiritual guide, creates a feeling similar to walking through the clouds.

“I can breathe I can breathe, so much better,” sung by Green, is the verse that sums up the effect of this song.

The theme of divine bedroom music stays strong in the trip that is “Planet God Damn.” This track lays down eccentric beats with the combination of artist Njomza’s seductive voice, making a dynamic creation that pleases and surprises the ears. This track creates the feeling of longing for closeness and affection. It wholly executes the relation between falling in love and an unearthly, paradisaical experience.

“We could lay up on the beach, you could feed me grapes,” raps Miller, composing the bliss of falling in love.

This track is also brilliant in that everyone wants to be told, “You just landed from the planet god damn.” What’s better than being referred to as beyond earthly, in the best way possible.

Miller ends the album in an almost perfect way, with another dope sex track featuring the brilliant Kendrick Lamar, titled, “God is fair, sexy, nasty.”

“Sexy, nasty, have no guideline, One day, four times, You don’t mind that I don’t care, Your divinity has turned me into a sinner, God is fair, And your beauty can even make hell have a winter.” Lamar describes sex in this verse as being intriguingly complicated. This verse alone is a masterful way to end the album.

The only downside to this otherwise killer ending track is the ending note from a grandmother type figure telling the love story of her and her husband. It fits the theme of Miller’s version of a love album, but the last thing you want to hear after listening to a song full of passionate lyrics is the love story of your grandparents. This was an interesting choice on Miller’s part, further setting him apart as the inventive artist that he is.

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Mac Miller sends chills down spine with ‘Divine Feminine’