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Social injustice against women needs to stop

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As a man, I know I will never understand what women go through every day. The abuse they go through on a daily basis only because they are women. I can see it, but I will never understand what it’s like.

On Wednesday, Jan. 27, a case of sexual battery was reported to campus police. The incident occurred just before 4 p.m. The suspect was not a student at Palomar, which leads me to wonder if he was on campus for predatory reasons.

Palomar Spokeswoman Laura Gropen issued an alert to everyone on campus through our Palomar emails. The email has a few tips on how to stay safe, such as stay in well lit areas, walk with friends, always lock your doors.

The fact that we have to warn women how to be safe on campus implies that the women here on campus are in danger. What’s worse is they are unsafe for reasons they cannot control.

This is wrong. The women of this campus shouldn’t have to come to school wondering whether or not they are going to be sexually assaulted. The reality of this situation is bleak.

It’s time we start addressing the ones who are responsible for this behavior.

It’s about time to stand up to the men who think it’s alright to objectify women. It’s time that we take responsibility for our actions, and find the solutions to fix this problem.

This is a call to arms, not with physical artillery, but weapons of respect and compassion. It’s time that the men of this campus stand up to those who want to push the boundaries of common decency. It’s not enough to know it’s wrong, we need to fight back.

So what are we supposed to do about it?

If you hear someone say something sexist, call him out. It’s not cool, no matter the context.

When you see someone treating a women disrespectfully, say something about it. Stand up to the people who are perpetuating misogynist behavior.

We need to tell these people that they are doing harm, and issue the appropriate consequences. This problem is not going to fix itself. It’s up to us to make the change, and make a better campus for everyone.


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Social injustice against women needs to stop